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Custom Tubing Extrusion

Our custom tubing extrusion service tailored solutions for clients seeking precise and specialized tubing products. We can create tubing with unique shapes, sizes, material with medical-grade tubing requirements. Our team of experts can deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions to meet your specific needs.

Secondary Assembly Process

Our secondary assembly process is designed to add further value to your products by assembling, integrating or customizing components based on your requirements. We have skilled workforce and assembly equipment to ensure the seamless integration of parts, whether for complex device, machinery or consumer products. This service streamlines your supply chain, reduce lead times and ensure that your final product meets quality standards.

New Product Development (NPD)

Our new product development service is dedicated to helping you transform your innovative ideas into market-ready products. We provide end-to-end support throughout the product development cycle, from concept design and prototyping to testing and manufacturing. Our experience team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, requirements and market objectives, ensuring the resulting product are manufacturable and ready for successful market entry.

Experience our unwavering commitment to excellence in the medical tubing industry. With a foundation built on quality, precision, and innovation, we provide solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Partner with us to access products infused with integrity and expertise, making your purchase a symbol of trust and lasting value.


Supporting Process

Assembly & Packaging, secondary operation, custom tubing, Mass Production Enhance your medical device journey with our comprehensive suite of support services. From seamless design collaboration to streamlined regulatory guidance, our team is dedicated to ensuring your success at every step.


OEM & Customization

We provide a wide range OEM solutions and contract manufacturing for medical industry. Our advanced solution bring precision, quality and innovation to your medical device. Partner with us, your dedicated path to success in the medical industry.


One Stop Solution

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of our all-inclusive one-stop solution tailored specifically for the medical industry's intricate needs, offering a seamless and optimized process flow from conception to realization.

MultiMedical Systems
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