About Us


EureMED SDN BHD, we specialize in delivering high-performance tubing solution services in medical and industrial applications, Best-in-class tolerance ±0.0003. At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering commitment to product safety within the medical industry. Evident through our strict adherence to medical-grade materials and meticulously manufacture our products within ISO standard 10,000 class clean rooms, ensuring the utmost in purity and sterility.


Driving our clients’ value by providing high quality and customised medical solutions.


To be a global leading revolutionizing medical solution.

99 %

Maintain On-Time
Shipping at 99%

5 .0

Achieve a DPPM
sigma rate of 5.0

<3 %

In-process scrap
rate maintain below 3%

Why Us

Why EureMED is your choice of partner
High Performance

Euremed is dedicated to delivering medical tubing of the highest performance standards. Our cutting-edge technology, rigorous quality control, and commitment to innovation ensure that our products excel in reliability, precision and durability, meeting the demanding requirements of the healthcare industry.

Best in Class

At Euremed, we stive to be the best in class in every aspect of medical tubing manufacturing. With a remarkable tolerance of ±0.0003, we not only deliver superior customer satisfactionbut also ensure that our medical tubing sets industry standards.

Medical Grade

Euremed’s medical tubing is manufactured to meet stringent medical grade standards. Our commitment to quality meets ISO standard 10,000 class clean rooms, ensuring the utmost in purity and sterility for critical medical applications.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly evaluate and enhance our processes, materials and technologies to stay at the forefront of medical tubing industry. We invite collaboration for joint research and development to achieve mutually advantageous result.


to create together

Join us in shaping the future of medical tubing. Our vision revolves around revolutionizing healthcare through innovative tube solutions that prioritize patient well-being. By partnering with us, you're not just purchasing products, but investing in a future where medical procedures are elevated, patient care is enhanced, and your success is intertwined with the advancement of healthcare technology.